Blue River Parkway Trails
(aka: Minor Park or BuRP)


Blue River Parkway (a Jackson County, Missouri park) is located along the Blue River in south Kansas City. Although the vast majority of park land (and trails) are located in the county park, the city of Kansas City has a small park (Minor Park) located along the Blue River at Red Bridge Road. Thus, this park and trails are sometimes referred to as “Minor Park (trails)”. 

This parkway is a beautiful get-away, quietly nestled in southern Kansas City, Missouri. Within this parkway, there are several multi-purpose trails that wind along both sides of the Blue River. These trails are open for hiking, mountain biking, and (in some locations) horse riding. 

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Please respect these trails by not riding them when they are wet/muddy (if you are leaving marks in any more than an occasional puddle, it is too wet/muddy to ride so please come back another time). Due to their weight, horses can severely damage the trails if they ride when the ground is soft. Likewise, mountain bikes can cause erosion problems on muddy trails. When the trails are damaged, it falls to the volunteers who maintain these trails to make repairs. We appreciate your help in preserving the trails so we can spend more time enjoying them and less time working on them! 

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Trails and Maps


Trail Heads

The primary trail head is located at the intersection of Blue River Road and Blue Ridge Blvd. At the south end of the I-435 loop, take I-435 (east/west) to the Holmes Road exit. Go south on Holmes to the traffic signal at Blue Ridge Blvd (QuikTrip is on the southwest corner). Go left (east) on Blue Ridge Blvd, across the bridge and around the "S" curve. The first street on the left, after the bend, is Blue River Road and there is a gravel parking area on the northwest corner of the intersection. The trail begins on the east side of Blue River Road, just opposite the parking area, and heads north to the main trails. 

There is also parking by Alex George Lake, with access to the trails north of Red Bridge Rd. Take Red Bridge Rd east/west to Blue River Rd, turn north onto Blue River Rd. The parking area is just past the bend in the road on the left (west).

Note that there is no horse trailer parking at Kenneth Road.

Also note that the trails near the parking lot at 118th and Lydia are not currently being maintained (this includes the old railroad bed and the other trails west of the Blue River).

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These trails are maintained by volunteers, so special thanks go to all the volunteers and to Zak L., Tom J., and Alex V. who coordinate all the work on the trails.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact

Without all the volunteer help, none of this would be here today!


If you have questions, feel free to contact Rob Stitt ( or Jackson County Parks+Rec ( through their website (click on “Parks + Rec”).

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